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K-12 Education

The RBC is committed to ensuring that all our children have access to a quality education with the opportunity to learn and excel. The RBC invests substantial resources and energy in the region’s future by working to provide strong leaders for every school and strategic governance and public policy at the state and local level. .

  • St. Louis Public Schools. Instrumental in the RBC’s hands-on approach at all levels of the St. Louis Public School District, are partnerships with many civic and community organizations. These partnerships provide necessary resources to the teachers and students. The RBC supports the Special Administrative Board as a way to bring stability to the District.
  • Teach For America. RBC supports Teach For America as an organization producing significant results in the academic achievement of students within the St. Louis Public School System.
  • KIPP (Knowledge is Power Program). The RBC supports the KIPP educational model as a proven, effective public education curriculum that provides quality instruction to students with charted academic results.

RBC Video on K-12 Education

Education video thumbnail

Mike DeCola, President and CEO, Mississippi Lime Company, helps Dunbar Elementary School install their new playground, a gift from the RBC.


We’re taking an active, collaborative role in improving student achievement in St. Louis public schools. It’s time to improve student achievement in the SLPS. No civic challenge is more critical or more rewarding.”

Frederick J. Oertli

President and CEO Guarantee Electrical Company